CRM Case study

Implementing automation into revenue operations helped 2x revenue

Discover how Rebecca Campbell doubled business revenue year-on-year without the need to scale their operations

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The story

Rebecca Campbell is an author, a devotional creator, and a visionary who leads energising workshops all over the world to encourage people to connect with their souls.


Rebecca's goal as a mystic is to reintegrate the sacred into regular life as much as possible. Her book, "Three Steps to Living a Soul-Led Life," as well as her other works, have had a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of millions of individuals all over the world.


The customer had ambitions to expand while simultaneously totally automating the revenue operations.


We held a session on the process strategy for revenue operations in order to gain a better understanding of the full customer journey. We examined all of the processes and systems in their entirety.


We discovered areas that could be automated, which would enable the customer to scale without sacrificing the quality of service they receive. We developed a complete end-to-end client journey by utilising WooCommerce, Marketing Automation, and Meta Ads.

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Here’s how we did it

Bound spent time collaborating with the client to examine and develop a revenue operations scaling procedure.

The client was moving sales to WooCommerce and wanted to use a CRM and WordPress to keep track of deliveries.

We set up a direct API integration between the client's website and their CRM so that when a purchase is made, data is sent to the CRM. The CRM was used to manage how customers were added to the system. This made it possible for customer orders to be fully automated, from order to delivery.


With the help of automation, we were able to make reports that showed how many sales orders were made, what products were sold, and where the sales came from.

We also set up automated workflows that start when problems happen, like when there are problems paying for a subscription or when a subscription is cancelled.

We made custom data properties so that we could collect rich information about customers and match them with other products that matched what they had bought before, as well as give them more value to help them keep their subscriptions.

For sales of physical products, we set up integrations with companies that handle shipping and delivery. Using automation, we were able to send email updates to customers about the status of their orders.


The client has been able to double their income from year to year without having to change how they do business.

The client has cut the number of people dropping out of their subscriptions by 30%.

Since the launch, the client has been able to come up with new products that meet the needs of their customers.


2x increased revenue year-on-year


Launched 3 new products without increasing operations


30% reduction in subscription churn

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