Paid Social Case study

How we produced a 15x return From Facebook & Instagram ads

We helped the client produce the best product launch campaign to date, generating an ROI of over 400% and coming in with a CPA that was 25% below budget.

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The story

Rebecca Campbell is an author, a devotional creator, and a visionary. She’s a best-selling author with books selling throughout the world and is dedicated to helping individuals connect with their souls. 


We built a full end-to-end customer journey using Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram), WooCommerce and Marketing Automation. This enabled us to build a campaign that would provide the desired outcome and broaden Rebecca’s reach.


Using marketing automation, we were able to design a funnel to measure content engagement from cold audiences. Furthermore, we showed retargeted ads based on the type of content warm audiences engaged with. 

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Here’s how we did it

Bound spent time working closely with Rebecca Campbell to create the perfect strategy and tactics to deliver a full end-to-end campaign to launch a new product offering to her ideal customer profiles. 

Working to a tight schedule
The new product had a short sale period as it was closing on a specific date and wouldn’t be available for another year. As such, we had to create a campaign to serve existing customers, nurture CRM leads and attract new customers all within a 2-month period.


Developing a unique customer journey
Compared to the client’s other products, this new addition was more expensive. To combat this, we developed a unique customer journey to monitor content engagement and trigger educational/promotional content based on content consumption. 

Marketing automation to the rescue
Thanks to our marketing automation tools, we were able to add and remove audiences’ ad campaigns as required, leading to a more targeted approach. 


Cart abandonment email marketing
Arming ourselves with WooCommerce and the client’s CRM, we implemented card abandonment email marketing. Here, we could showcase what to expect from the product in more detail, demonstrating proof of value to potential customers and recapturing leads. 


This campaign ended up being Rebecca Campbell’s best product launch yet. It generated a return on investment that exceeded 400% and the CPA was 25% below budget. 


Sales targets were hit before the campaign closed and came in well under the paid spend budget. We found that Facebook, Instagram and email marketing were the most profitable channels. 


Content engagement also went through the roof, increasing by 150% and over 70% of the audience consumed more than 50% of the video nurture content.


168% increase in website traffic


498% return on investment in under 2 months


500+ new course enrollments

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