Inbound Marketing Case study

How we took a start-up to launch in just 90 days

We developed a fully automated inbound and account-based marketing funnel (ABM) for our new client, setting up a new website with new branding.

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The story

Our client is Konnexsion; a property management software provider that aims to streamline lettings operations for property owners. It’s a complete system that allows property managers to communicate with tenants, contractors and landlords via different methods without leaving the platform. 


Prior to working with the client, Konnexsion was a small startup business with just a few clients. In fact, the business had not officially launched and only boasted a basic website. No sales/marketing strategy was in place - which is where we came in. 

Bound delivered a full online GAP analysis to see market trends and measure how market needs are being met with similar solutions. This helped us find gaps to position the client. In conjunction with this, we worked on improving the branding with a newly re-designed website and new brand guidelines.

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Here’s how we did it

Bound worked closely with the business founder to develop key campaigns that drive traffic and create sales conversions

Our team managed to develop a completely automated inbound marketing and account-based marketing (ABM) funnel for the client. This allowed us to create the biggest effect possible across the industry. With the funnel in place, we could create an aggressive PPC campaign utilising Google Advertising.


In turn, this perfectly positioned the client in front of their Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) for searches relating to property management software solutions. 

Before all of this took place, we had to come up with a new brand strategy as Konnexsion was lacking one initially. This led to a re-design of the website, updating it with modern features that reflected the new brand image. Now, we were able to run the campaigns in line with the new brand guidelines.


Thanks to the professionally designed website, we managed to launch a GTM campaign within 90 days. This drove traffic to the website and started to generate leads within a couple of weeks.


Launched a startup business within 90 days


Saw a 100% uplift in website traffic


Created a full-automated ABM campaign that drove results within weeks of launch

Working with James and the team has been refreshing. The new website and campaign work have helped position the business in the market. Excellent service with a highly skilled digital team.

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