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Grow your marketing knowledge with HubSpot Academy for FREE



If you are stuck with marketing ideas or need a dose of knowledge to build your next winning marketing strategy HubSpot has your back.

HubSpot has made it easy to grow your marketing knowledge and gain ideas that will grow your business or career and for FREE!

HubSpot Academy, created by HubSpot has been designed to help you and your business gain insights and learn about sales, marketing and more.

If you’re not aware, It is free to sign up. You don’t need to use HubSpot in your business, their education spans further than getting the most out of their hub tools. 

For example, you can enrol on:

✅ LinkedIn marketing for business
✅ How to advertise on Instagram or 
✅ How to Build a Paid Media Strategy and more. 

As inflation continues to sore, people and businesses potentially tighten their purse strings, now more than ever is the time to upskill your people and discover strategies and tactics to help you grow.

To get started, check out my recommendations below 😊

✅ To sign up to the HubSpot Academy click here:

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Recommended HubSpot Academy courses:

👉 LinkedIn for Business Course:

👉 Instagram Advertising Course: Learn How to Advertise on Instagram:

👉Paid Media Course: Learn How to Build a Paid Media Strategy:
Oh, and one of the cool things about the HubSpot Academy, some of their courses come with a neat accreditation badge that you can showcase.