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How a new website delivered a 22% uplift in sales leads

We developed a more corporate high-end website backed by automated sales processes that helped secure 4 major contracts!

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The story

Cleaning Assurance is a premium cleaning service that delivers a variety of services to clients around Hertfordshire. The company promises to offer competitive pricing, excellent customer care, and high-quality service. 


Bound Marketing was contacted and asked to improve the brand appearance for the client. It was felt that the brand image was not quite what Cleaning Assurance was looking for. Our team stepped in to make it feel more corporate without losing the personal appeal and high level of service offering. The client also wanted a partner that could attract a steady flow of qualified leads to book appointments for a specific service offering.


As a result, we began developing a higher-end website that was backed by an automated sales process to attract the ideal leads. 

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Here’s how we did it

Using our automated appointment system, we created a highly effective lead-generation process for the client

The Bound team was tasked to improve Cleaning Assurance’s online presence. To do this, we carried out a strategy workshop to help us understand the business positioning. We created an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) document which enabled us to review the existing online content. Our team then completely reskinned the company website using WordPress. 

We were able to simplify the website process and improve the customer journey through the website by using graphics and an updated design. Implementing an automated appointment system was our next priority. This is linked to sales and marketing automation, leading to an extremely effective lead generation process.


Combined with stronger calls to action, it made the user experience far better on the website, enabling the client to remain within the normal day-to-day business operations whilst creating new appointments for services. 

The lack of online presence and website traffic also led us to create an inbound marketing campaign using Google AdWords campaigns. These campaigns were structured to achieve exposure within given locations and business sectors, driving more traffic to the website. 


Overall, we were able to create a more stylish and modern corporate-appearing website by addressing the brand and colour palette, along with adopting a more contemporary font.


The re-positioning and launch of the new website created more lead conversions and several highly lucrative contracts were secured by the client. 


A 200% increase in web traffic


A 22% uplift in sales leads


4 major contracts secured

Bound has been a key partner in developing my sales pipeline and better customer engagement. Excellent service with a highly skilled digital team.

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